Frequently Asked Questions

 Q; ​Is the cider made using concentrate?

​A; ​No, I do not use any concentrated juice

​​Q; Is the cider made from organic apples?

A;  I cannot call the cider organic but what i can add is that the bulk of  the apples are from individual trees in peoples gardens, many of which  have been neglected, so the chance of them being sprayed is very low.

Q; Do you use a natural yeast?

A; I  have used natural yeasts in the past but because of their inconsistency  I now use a cultured cider yeast. Natural yeasts can add some nasty  flavours as well as some good ones,also some yeasts die off at 1-2%  alcohol which would leave alot of unfermented sugar and a very weak  cider.

Q; Do you use any additives?

A;  I sulphite the juice immediately after pressing to kill any unwanted nasties, the local authority support this procedure. 24 hours later i add the yeast. i do not sulphite again. on the labels it states 'contains sulphites' but this is a bit of a pretentious topic, the yeast would be inhibited if sulphites were still present but the local authority and the food standards agency cannot give me a clear answer so it was suggested that because sulphite is now registered as an allergy it would be 'safer' to put this on the label

Q; How long is the shelf life once your cider is bottled?

A; It is definately okay up to two years, I have not saved any for longer, maybe I should.

Q; Do you make a single variety cider?

A;  Because I do not use many cider apples I have to mix different varieities to  achieve a good drink. Most bottles will contain the juice of anywhere up to 22 different apple varieties,this I have found produces a good, deep  flavour.

Q; I have an old apple tree in my garden that produces loads of apples each year, would you be interested in collecting them?

A;  If you are in the local area I would consider it depending on its  variety, cooker or eater. If yes then you would get some of the finished  product as a 'thank you'.

​​Q; Are all your ciders strong, do you make a weaker one?
A;  The amount of sugar in the apple juice determines the alcohol strength  of the finished product apart from the Headwrecker which I add some  sugar to to increase the strength to 8.5%. I am in the process however of producing a lower alcohol cider for those who enjoy this style and for those who fancy a bit of a session. It may be called Fenland Light.