Fresh Pressed Apple Juice


 New at Churchill Ciders is fresh pressed apple juice., available in 750ml family size or 250ml handy size.

I  use several varieties of apples to produce my apple juice and because i  am intending to produce the juice most of the year round, to plug the  gap when the cider is fermenting, i use whatever apples i can source, so  they are not all what i have collected as with the bulk of my ciders.  Most of the apples are still from the UK and most from this area but not  from privately owned individual trees. As with my cider different  batches contain a different blend of apples so the flavour varies. Who  wants same, same, same?
The  apples are pressed in the usual way as with the cider but with the  making of the juice, the apples used are of a better condition, no  bruised, damaged apples are included.​
​The juice is pasteurised as soon as possible after pressing, usually within a couple of hours.

Nothing  is added apart from Ascorbic acid( Vitamin C ). This is essential to  stop the juice from turning an unsightly brown colour.
The juice is not filtered so a slight sediment may form, nothing to worry about, just give the bottle a shake before opening.

Long shelf life 
Once opened the juice needs to be refridgerated and consumed within 3 days.