About Us


Based in Spalding Lincolnshire i have been making cider from locally sourced apples for about 10 years. Until recently i used a homemade traditional oak press. Unfortunately after the last visit from the local authorities they deemed this equipment unsuitable, even though i have been using it for years with no problems.

I now use a stainless steel hydro press.


The bulk of my apples are collected locally from peoples' gardens, many of them being old varieties.

I believe the mixture of different varieties, sometimes as many as 22, adds to the flavour and characteristic of my ciders.

Styles of cider

I make several styles of cider;

Spalding Scrumpy---dry, still

Fenland Gold---medium, still

Yellowbelly---dry, sparkling

Headwrecker/Oblivion---dry, sparkling, strong

Cider with raspberry

Cider with blackberry

Cider with strawberry/blackcurrant